Students with Elephant Remains

Conservation through Education  

Christopher Fenner Educational Fund is devoted to improving wildlife conservation by bringing further education to local people. We believe by engaging the local community as environmentalists the destruction of natural habitat and scourge of poaching can be ended.This is a long-term mission.

Our mission is to enable Zambians to achieve environmental qualifications that enable them to:

- Empower themselves and their families with educational and job opportunities
- Lead and work directly in Conservation-related organisations, representing local perspectives
- Promote awareness of the need to conserve the heritage of their wild places to all levels of Zambian society.
- Resolve conflicts between humans and animals
- Implement sustainable land-use policies that enable wildlife and communities to live side-by-side

 We work with established Zambian-based educational and conservation organisations to provide bursaries and scholarships to fund selected students through Conservation-related higher education.

The Fund was established by the family and friends of Chris Fenner following his untimely death in the Zambian bush. Chris was passionate about conservation in Zambia and believed very strongly in local empowerment and equality of opportunity

We and those we work with all volunteer the time and resources needed so our unavoidable costs are less than 5% of income.