About Zambia

Geographically, Zambia is a landlocked country of approximately 750,000 square kilometres (300,000 sq miles) in southern Africa, shaped rather like a butterfly.
Although notionally about 30% of the country is reserved for game parks and management areas, not all is in good condition through lack of resource and qualified people.
Zambia's tropical climate is moderated by an average altitude of 1200m. There are two seasons, the rainy season (November to April) corresponding to summer, and the dry season to winter. The dry season starts cool but by September the weather is hot and then dry until the rains return again. 
Zambia has a rich wildlife population in a wide variety of habitats: rivers, swamps, grassland, bush, woodlands and forests.
Culturally and linguistically diverse, with over 70 languages, Zambia is still a rural country with 59% of the population living in rural areas.